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Part 1: The Giveaway

Our last Facebook/Instagram post utilized a bunch of school supplies ($100+).  We will be giving away those supplies as a prize!  The rules are simple:

  • We will have clipboards out at Gotham Archery Baton Rouge.  
    Visitors stop in and write the name of their favorite teacher and their school.  

  • 1 vote per person; must be written legibly and unassisted.

On July 31, 2019 the teacher with the most names written will win all the school supplies shown in the photo.  So tag as many teachers and schools as you can on our Facebook and Instagram post to spread the word!  E-mail us at if you can't find the link.  

Homeschool co-ops, we didn’t forget about you! E-mail us for ways to be included.

Part 2: The School Supply Roundup

From July 23 to July 31, returning guests at Gotham Archery Baton Rouge can choose not to pay a lane rental fee... instead they can bring in $10 worth of school supplies (must bring receipt also) and receive an hour of lane time free. 

For first time visitors, book an Introductory Class online and bring in $10 worth of school supplies to receive a $10 refund!  Supplies will be proportionally divided up amongst the clipboard teachers based on the # of votes received.  The more people participating, the more supplies... so spread the word! 

Thank you for your time!

This is a LOCAL event intended for the Greater Baton Rouge area.  All supplies must be picked up at our East Baton Rouge / Central facility.

We realize teachers go far above and beyond for their students.  With August fast approaching, it is unfortunate that many teachers have to go out of pocket to purchase school supplies to do their job.  We’re here to help and hope you’ll join us in spreading the word on this unique endeavor!