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(Somewhat Serious) Indoor
Flexible Schedule
3D League

Start either:
    Wednesday, June 7 or Sun
day, June 11


6 Week, flexible league
Shoot either Wednesdays or Sundays!


  • June 7 / June 11 start (pick one of these dates on the registration link)

  • Each week, choose to shoot either Wednesday night 6:30PM or Sunday 1:30PM.  If you shoot both nights, your highest score for that week will count.

  • You cannot shoot twice in a week to make up a missed week. 

  • 6 week league; $25 cash / $30 credit each week OR prepay for all 6 weeks for $125 cash/credit.  Take off $5 each week if the archer is under 18 ($20 each night, $100 for whole league).


  • IBO Style Scoring, 20 3D targets

  • Must shoot 5 of the weeks to qualify for full league prizes.  Weekly prizes when we have 15 or more that day, so invite your friends!

  • Shoot all 6 and drop your lowest score!

  • Hunting Setups only; 20 point penalty for target/open class setups; Max weight 75#

  • Recurve/Genesis archers receive a 20 point bonus (if there are more than 6, they will be put in a separate class with separate prizes)

  • Beginners welcome!  We'll explain everything.


  • There will be weekly prizes!

  • We're working on some juicy grand prizes which will be announced on night 1.

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