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Quarter 4
USA Archery Virtual Tournament

Saturday November 17, 2018:  3PM


For USA Archery members, this will serve as an entry into the nationwide Q4 USA Archery virtual tournament. For anyone not a USAA member but still wants to compete, we will be offering prizes for classes with 5 or more participants.


$10 for students in our Youth Archery Program
$20 for adults and youth not in our program

For More Information:



300 round FITA (10 ends, 3 arrows per end) at FITA target (size/distance based on USA Archery age standards)
Three archers will double score the round with a leader present.

Ties are determined by 10's and then if still tied, 9's (Note: Hits or "X's" do not apply).
Classes are based on USA Archery categories below:


Style:            Recurve, Basic Compound, Barebow,    Compound

Master       Starting in the year of their 50th birthday.
Senior       21st birthday, and older, will compete in the Senior class.
Junior       Up to and through the year of their 20th birthday.
Cadet         Up to and through the year of their 17th birthday.
Cub            Up to and through the year of their 14th birthday.
Bowman   Up to and through the year of their 12th birthday.
Yeoman    Up to and through the year of their 9th birthday.


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(225) 400-6349