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Picture of one of our previous leagues.


Try Out a Little Friendly Competition 

​​You asked, we're doing.  Spring League is ON!
- 6 week league kicks off March 6!
- You can shoot either Wednesday or Sunday.
- If you shoot Wednesday, can shoot Sunday of same week as well to better your score.
- M
ust have scores 5 out of 6 weeks to qualify
      (you can't shoot twice in a week to make up a missing week).

- $25 for 3D weeks, $15 for paper.  
- Simplified classes: Open, Bowhunter, Recurve/Barebow, Beginner
- Points determined by your placement, so spread the word!  The more people you beat,
the more points... so invite all your friends who suck.

- Register using the link above.

Indoor Tournaments run by other places
Louisiana Field Archery Association: Schedule
     (Mar 2 - 3) LFAA State Indoor Championship: Red River Bowmen
     (Apr 13) LFAA State 3D Championships: Red River Bowmen


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