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Welcome CIS Parents!

Thanks again for your interest!  To kick-off the team, we will be hosting a special extended Intro Class.  There will be two date options.  This class will let you "try before you sign up."

Option 1: $50, January 6th,  5PM - 6:30PM
Option 2: $50, January 13th,  5PM - 6:30PM

Fees paid for this session will be applied towards the first month's dues if they decide to join the team.  Monthly dues will range from $75 - 85 depending on how many students join (students in our regular Junior Olympic program can switch to this discounted rate).  For those not joining the team, the fees paid will go towards a general pool to assist those joining that need some financial assistance.

Spots will be limited to 12 per session.  Please ensure that you book online to reserve a space.  Rental equipment will be provided.


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